Expanding to Video

Thus far, this blog has not lived up to my expectations. It is plagued with technical problems, many of which, I suspect, could be resolved almost magically by throwing money at them. I have yet to generate a readership to speak of, again, a problem likely best resolved by throwing money at it.

Without participation, I am presently out of ideas about which to write. For the moment, my writing has slowed significantly. Consequently, at my wife’s urging, I am expanding to video media; specifically, YouTube for the present.

There are aspects of my life as a pretendian that are best portrayed in video. I can describe the process for crafting an artifact but, without visual support, I cannot adequately express enough of the process for someone to duplicate it. There are aspects of my life outside of the Native arena that can be better expressed visually as well. Thus, I have expanded this effort to the arena of visual media.

I have a channel on YouTube, called “Finding the Path with Paul Talbot” that has the beginnings of these efforts. I have begun posting videos on farriery and crafting already. I anticipate posting other videos of activities in my life, as I “find my path”, as I explain in the introductory videos on the channel.

I expect to continue to write here as inspiration allows. There is a power to the written word that permits a more lasting impression than the spoken word. This blog and the YouTube channel both offer opportunity to impart information in unique ways.

For the present, I have expressed most of my ideas regarding the lessons I have learned about the proper way to find one’s place in the Native American community with respect for the culture, which was the impetus for this blog originally. I will add to those as ideas present themselves. And I will begin to write more about current affairs in and around Indian country as I find that I have something to say.

Progress… There’s no stopping it! We continue to evolve as persons as we utilize the technologies to do so.